Nonlinear Developmental Psychology at INSC, Palermo

Nonlinear Developmental Psychology at INSC, Palermo

We are honored to announce our featured speaker
Paul van Geert, University of Groningen

who will present
“The human Life Span as a Complex Dynamic System”

at the
4th International Nonlinear Science Conference,
Palermo, Sicily, March 15-17, 2010

Human development across the life span is a prime example of a complex dynamic system. Development and aging are processes of change involving the intertwining of a myriad of components, involving the person and its properties and the social and cultural environment in which the person lives. Dynamics range from the short-term processes of human action and interaction to the long-term processes of life-span development and the macro-processes of intergenerational cultural change and biological evolution. These time scales interact in various ways. Part of the difficulty of understanding the life span as a complex dynamic system lies in the paradoxical combination of immediacy (one is the direct witness of one’s own life) and the difficulty of scientific accessibility (the scientific study of the human life span is greatly hampered by the difficulty of collecting valid and reliable time-serial data). In this lecture I will present examples of theory building, empirical research and applied aspects of a complex dynamic systems view on human development.

Paul van Geert (1950) holds a doctoral degree from the University of Ghent (Belgium) and is a professor of developmental psychology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands since 1985. He has had a pioneering role in the application of dynamic systems theory to a broad range of developmental areas, including early language development and second language acquisition; cognitive development in the context of learning-teaching processes; and social development including social interaction and identity. His main aim is to better understand the general nature of developmental dynamics, i.e. nature of the mechanism(s) that drive and shape a developmental process in an individual, as the individual, given his or her biological properties and potentialities interacts with his or her actively explored environment.

As an artist, Paul van Geert has had a life-long interest in the representation of people and close personal relationships. His current work consists of life-size representations of people, in the form of free-standing and moveable constructions.

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The deadline for abstracts has been extended to January 15, 2010. Additional information is posted on the conference web site, which will be updated as events unfold.

Publication Opportunities:

All speakers at the INSC conference are invited to submit their finished articles for review and possible publication in Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences, which is the refereed quarterly research journal published by the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences. For manuscript preparation instructions and related information about NDPLS, see

The abstracts to the INSC conference will be indexed in PsycEXTRA, produced by the American Psychological Association. A post-conference edition of the INSC abstracts will be available in PDF on the SCTPLS web site along with editions of abstracts from earlier conferences.

Conference Committee:
Prof. Gaetano L. Aiello, University of Palermo, Chair: [email protected] or [email protected]
Dick Thompson, Ph.D., SCTPLS President
Prof. Stephen J. Guastello, Marquette University
Dr. Dimitrios Stamovlasis, Aristotle University

Sponsored by:
The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences

and University of Palermo

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